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Reston Station

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Reston Station - Reston, Virginia

A multi-use, urban employment canter developed around the Renton Station Metro Facility with 7 levels of underground parking. Design build shoring project to encompass an excavation of over 5 acres in size with excavation depths up to 85'. The project was designed and executed using soldier piles, lagging and tiebacks requiring 310 soldier piles and 1,200 tiebacks. The wall was used as the backform for the permanent concrete walls requiring 100% accuracy in its locations to meet the needs of the General Contractor.



Wacker Chemical Plant

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Wacker Chemical Plant - Charleston, Tennessee

A new polycrystalline silicon  production facility located on a 550 acre greenfield site. Design build utilizing 5,000 - 20" diameter Auger Pressure Grouted (APG) Piles up to 70' deep seated into rock. To achieve high uplift capacities in areas of shallow rock, 4.5 in. diameter rock sockets were drilled into the rock below the pile tip elevations and high strength rebar installed. To meet the fast pace schedule 5 Crane Mounted APG Drill Rigs and 4 Rock Drill Rigs were utilized. Design build methods resulted in owner savings and an expendited schedule.


San Francisco 49ers Stadium

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San Francisco 49ers Stadium - Santa Clara, California

Design build utilizing over 3,000 Auger Pressure Grouted Displacement (APGD) Piles with lengths up to 72'. Over 3,000 piles were installed during a 5 week period utilizing 4 Displacement Piling Drill Rigs. The system resulted in cost and valuable time savings for the fast track schedule required to meet the scheduled opening date.



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APM Tunnel Extension – ATL Int’l Airport

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APM Tunnel Extension for the Maynard H. Jackson Terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport underwent a $1.2 billion dollar expansion project centered on the construction of the new Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal. Passenger access between the new International Terminal and the domestic airport facilities is primarily via underground Automated People Mover (APM) trains. The new International Terminal is located approximately ½-mile from the terminus of the existing APM tunnel. A cut-and-cover method was selected for the construction of the APM tunnel extension to allow the construction team to best address unknowns and potential obstructions. The construction of the APM extension required an excavation support system for a 450-ft long, 55-ft deep excavation across Taxiway Dixie and a 900-ft long, 35-ft deep excavation beneath the basement of existing Concourse E. The excavation under Concourse E required both excavation support and support of the existing columns over the proposed excavation zone.



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