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  • Joe…Brandon Pritchett, our Superintendent on the RSA Project…said that your crew did a great job on the project. They were easy to work with, finished ahead of schedule and followed all of the safety rules on the project. He never had to remind any of them to wear their PPE and they held their JSA meeting and safety meeting every morning before work. Please pass this along to them for a job well done. Thanks

    Jimmy Ard

    Ard Contracting, Inc.

  • It is my pleasure to write this letter of appreciation for Billy McBride & Gary Daffner and their team for their performance on the SCAD Indian Street Project in Savannah Georgia. The foremen and their team have proven to be a valuable addition for any company with their knowledge & know how of your industry. “TEAM WORK” at its best . The foremen and their team also displayed a high safety knowledge of the work force safety while on site at all times .
    The foremen and their team produced a high volume of work while maintaining high standards for workmanship and quality.  The team also processes the ultimate “can do “ attitude while taking on all task asked of them with a positive attitude. The team worked hard with CLAYCO with coordinating and scheduling their portion of work on the project.  The team took initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of the job and that’s why I feel they have the intangibles and are  a great success in the work place. Billy & Gary’s work ethics and communication skills add value to wherever they work .The proof is how well their team has performed even when different foreman were in place . Professionalism is what both Billy & Gary expect from their team and it shows in their work as well as their team.
    Great job and Thanks .

    Charles McKinney

    General Superintendent

  • Treagon – Your guys did a fantastic job on this project which truly made me smile.  It went smoothly (at least from my perspective) from start to finish due to the hard work and positive attitude of both your team and mine.  I look forward to working with you and your team in the future.

    Chris Brummel

    Project Executive, Rentenbach Constructors Incorporated

  • Vaughn – I wanted you to know that your crew at 1000 Park Ave. is doing an excellent job with not only their scope, but their attention to detail every day in regards to safety. Every morning Joey does an excellent job with leading the group in pre task planning, and the other team members take the necessary steps and precautions with the specific tasks. This is a great way to start a project and we rewarded the Berkel crew members with lunch today.

    Josh Bollin

    General Superintendent, Gilbane Building Company

  • Joe – good group of people, very impressive. I was most impressed with the fact that with all the mud and wet working conditions Berkel had a excellent safety record. Your PM Chris Chinopulos is a talented young man, but don’t share that I wouldn’t want to give him a big head.

    Gary Collard

    CSA Supervisor, Yates Constructors, Wacker Polisilicon Project

  • Chris and Joe – I would like to say thank you to you and your team on doing a great job the last couple of months. We know it was not always easy to work around but we made it work at least due to your flexibility you provided over the entire time. I would like to wish you good luck and a great success on your next job.

    Johann Mayer

    Project Manager, Wacker Chemie AG

  • I have been with SkanskaUSA for over 32 years and the shoring team on this project has hands down been the best I’ve ever been associated with. It is leaders like Berkel Superintendent Pablo Echeverria that make SkanskaUSA jobs successful and a pleasure to build.

    Ralph Easterwood

    General Superintendent, SkanskaUSA

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for a job well done. As you know, stringent time constraints were placed on Berkel’s portion of this project. I’m pleased to say you not only met these constraints, but far exceeded my expectations. Your on-site personnel’s performance resulted in what was probably the smoothest pile installation of my career.

    Martin Shows

    Project Superintendent, Carothers Construction

  • The final ratings issued by the Navy on the Joint Strike Project received the highest possible overall rating of “Outstanding”. This is a great accomplishment and the Berkel Team contributed greatly.

    William E. Simons and James T. Gallagher

    Coakley-Williams Construction

ADSC Corporate Contractor Member

DFI Corporate Member

G-I Organizational Member


Deep Foundations

  • Auger Pressure Grouted Piles
  • Drilled Displacement Piles
  • Limited Access
  • Micropiles
  • Energy Piles
  • Drilled Shafts
  • Driven Piles
  • Rock Anchors / Tie-downs

Sheeting and Shoring

  • Sheet Piles
  • Soldier Pile (Beam) and Lagging
  • Tie-backs
  • Underpinning
  • Bracing
  • Secant and Tangent Walls
  • Soil Nails

Ground Improvement

  • Rigid Inclusions
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Deep Soil Mixing