Berkel is among the leaders as one of the safest contractors in the foundation and shoring industry. Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .58 for 2013 demonstrates our thorough commitment to defining and enforcing safe operations.

We consider no part of the construction process to be of greater importance than safety. Our employees, vendors and suppliers are our company’s most important assets. It is our goal that each and every worker goes home safe and healthy at the end of the day.

Berkel has numerous Regional Safety Engineers who work closely with management and superintendents to ensure our work is being executed safely. Site audits are conducted each workday to verify compliance with OSHA safety regulations, specific project requirements and client expectations. Project audits are a key component of the safety process at Berkel. All of our safety representatives are knowledgeable in OSHA construction standards and certified to conduct OSHA training as needed. All of our equipment operators go through our in-house training program before they are issued a certification card authorizing them to operate their specific equipment.

The construction business is recognized as a hazardous industry. For that reason, Berkel has implemented a proactive safety and health program. Combined with project-specific safety audits and proactive project planning, our safety and health program promotes a work environment that places the worker as the number one priority!

Work Safe! Work Smart! = Zero Accidents!

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