BERKEL Infinity Group (BIG™) Piles were developed as an efficient alternative foundation to support relatively heavy structures with a range of column loads. Because the BIG™ foundation size can be easily tailored to the specific load to be supported, they it can be much more cost-effective and timesaving than installing multiple diameters of single-element foundations such as large diameter ACIP (i.e. Auger Pressure Grouted, Augercast Grout, or CFA) piles, drilled shafts, or other bored piles.

BIG™ Piles can be installed in a range of configurations to resist high compression, tension, and lateral loads. They are uniquely suited to supporting tall structures in urban environments where available workspace is at a premium by using groups of single-diameter elements to economize the overall size of the foundation including the pile-cap.

Construction of individual BIG™ Pile elements is similar to ACIP/CFA pile installation and the drilling tools may be advanced on leads that are either supported by crawler-crane platforms or rigidly fixed to the installation platform.

BERKEL is the most experienced designer and installer of single-pass, cast-in-place foundation systems in the U.S. and is available to assist with developing the most efficient foundation solution for your project.