BERKEL is the most experienced designer and installer of single-pass, cast-in-place foundation systems in the U.S. and is available to assist with developing the most efficient foundation solution for your project.

Augered, Cast-In-Place (ACIP) Piles are a mature foundation technology throughout the North America. General guidelines for the design and construction of ACIP piles are available along with numerous references for design in specific North American geologies. Historically, ACIP piles may have been considered to generally be 12-in to 24-in diameter. However, diameters of up to 48-in have been installed with increasing frequency over the past two decades. Some installers may refer to large diameter ACIP Piles as CFA (continuous flight auger) piles.

Large-diameter ACIP/CFA pile drilling tools may be advanced on leads that are either supported by crawler-crane platforms or rigidly fixed to the installation platform. The appropriate drilling platform, drilling tools (particularly the cutting head of the auger tip), and installation technique are selected based on the local geology and the loads to be resisted. Leads supported by cranes are rigidly held on location by spotters. Both techniques are included in industry documents such as the Augered, Cast-In-Place Pile Manual (3rd Edition) of the Deep Foundations Institute.