New Stadium Project – Atlanta GA

A new Stadium, Plaza, and Bridge Extension for the city of Atlanta, the stadium will be home to the Atlanta Falcons. Berkel installed over 2100 x 18-in diameter Auger Pressure Grouted (APG) piles installed from depths of about 30-ft to over 110-ft for compression loads of 150 to 220 tons, tension loads up to 60 tons, and lateral loads up to 8.5 tons.

The Plaza and new Martin Luther King Jr. bridge structures included 24-in diameter APG piles to about the same depths and tested to 1000 tons compression load.

Additionally Berkel installed earth retaining structures for temporary and permanent project grading.

Wall Length: about 1000 Linear Feet
Supported Height: 26 Feet (Maximum)
3 System Types:

– Permanent Shoring/Temporary Wood Lagging (Future Cast-In-Place Concrete Facing)
– Permanent Shoring/Permanent Shotcrete Facing (Above Grade Cistern Location)
– Temporary Shoring/Temporary Wood Lagging