CGEs are vertical grout columns for ground improvement and ground reinforcement. Installation is accomplished by full or partial displacement and the placement of fluid cement grout within the evacuated volume. CGEs can improve granular soil and reinforce both granular and fine-grained soil below shallow foundations and floor slabs. The densification provided by CGE installation is excellent for shallow to deep liquefaction mitigation in earthquake prone areas.

Nuetral displacement augered, grouted elements are often installed to reinforce fine-grained soils to reduce settlement and increase allowable bearing pressures to provide a suitable subgrade for shallow foundations and floor slabs.

Berkel can design a cost-effective subgrade improvement or reinforcement system for all soil types from liquefiable sands to fills and clays. Berkel’s engineers can provide a ground improvement plan that is suited to the requirements of your project. For more information on Berkel CGEs, click here for a brochure. Click here for Berkel’s engineering group or here for a Berkel regional office.